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Pictures from Gloriana’s show at the Mohegan Sun in Wilkes-Barre, PA last weekend have been added to the gallery today. If you missed my post from last week with a video of a **BRAND NEW** song that they performed this night, click here. You don’t want to skip out on it. Enjoy!

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Gloriana takes you behind-the-song and writing process of ‘Trouble’, their new single. If you’re digging the song as much as I am, definitely check out this video to learn a little more. Don’t forget to keep requesting it at radio in your hometown, too!

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‘Trouble’ is moving right along on the Billboard charts. Having finally entered the Top 40 (!!!), we can now track the song more closely each week. This week, it lands at #39 on the Country Airplay chart and also debuts at #39 on the Country Digital Songs chart. In comparison, it took ‘Best Night Ever’ about 20 weeks to get to this during it’s run.


‘Trouble’ Billboard Country Airplay History:

Week 4: 39

Week 3: 41
Week 2: 41
Week 1: 57

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See what I did there? Gloriana’s latest single is having no ‘Trouble, pun intended, climbing the Billboard Country Airplay chart each week. Radio is really backing our favorite band this go around and the song has been steadily successful on iTunes, as well. This week, the song climbs spots to land at #! Already reaching those milestones in the Top 40, G-Team!

‘Trouble’ Billboard Country Airplay History:

Week 3: 41
Week 2: 41
Week 1: 57

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Check out the newest episode of Gloriana’s web series from Halloween below. If you missed my post from earlier this week with press pictures from the show, make sure to click here to head on over there.

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Warning: Don’t mess around with Gloriana’s Rachel Reinert. On the trio’s explosive new single “Trouble” — which she co-wrote with fellow member Mike Gossin (as well as Ross Copperman and Jon Nite) and sings — she gets a chance to express a little bit of angst concerning her feelings about a previous relationship.

“It comes from a very true and honest place,” she told Billboard. “It’s about a relationship that I was in. We were together for a couple of years, and he ended up being a dirty cheater and a liar. I ended up finding out about his escapades from a tabloid, which was awesome. It was the highlight of my year,” she says, with more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice. “Women are like little detectives. If we feel like there’s something going on, we’ll figure it out. That was where the song came from.”

Reinert said writing about past relationships comes easy. “You write about what you go through. Absolutely,” she said. “That is the kind of shit you go through when you’re young and dating. It’s even that much more difficult when you’re in the spotlight.”[Read Entire Interview]

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Trouble Request List

‘Trouble’ makes another positive move at radio this week, landing at #48! It can only go up from here, especially, if we get to requesting each week at the stations that recently added the song. Make sure to request at all of the links below, and call into your favorite radio station and bug them on the regular. Is your local station below? One of mine is – FINALLY! Have a great week!

Radio request links: Wednesdays
Billboard updates: Fridays

Request below DAILY from November 12th-November 18th:

WXBQ (Bristol) *new add
WQYK (Tampa) *new add
WKMK (Eatontown) *new add
WKLB (Boston) *new add
WCOL (Columbus) *new add
KWJJ (Portland) *new add
KSKS (Fresno) *new add
KKBQ (Houston) *new add
KBEQ (Kansas City) *new add

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Ready for a new song? Thanks to Sarah for capturing a video of Gloriana’s brand new song called ‘Nobody But You’ at their Wilkes-Barre show this past weekend. The song is a ballad, showcasing Rachel’s chops and yet again, we have another winner here. This new album is looking to be a solid winner in my book so far. Check it out below and make sure to share this post with your friends!

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Press pictures from The Big 98’s 2nd Annual Battle For The Bones Halloween show in Nashville have been added to the gallery. A little late, but better late than never. How awesome does Rachel’s makeup look? Rock on, Danielle! You know the drill, check them all out below.