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From the time she was 5 years old, Gloriana singer Rachel Reinert has lived by the motto “All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die.” Now, to be fair, the then-kindergartener wasn’t thinking on an existential level. Instead she was just singing along to her favorite cassingle, Sheryl Crow’s first hit, “All I Wanna Do.”

Considering the title of Gloriana’s latest single, Reinert was asked about, well, her best night ever. However, a disclaimer was given to her that she couldn’t give the obligatory and clichéd “every night she’s playing a concert or in front of an audience” answer. Reinert disobeyed the request but delivered a heartfelt answer that makes sense.

“I have been dreaming of doing this since I was a little kid, and I’m telling you there’s no better feeling than when we get on a stage, because it doesn’t happen every single night,” Reinert said. “I felt early on where you’d go to certain places and you can tell when you’re being played on the radio.

“You see those people engaged and singing along and they genuinely love what you do. That to me honestly is my idea of the best night ever because it’s not like that every night for us. We’re not at that point in our careers.” [Read More]

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Can’t believe that it’s already August! Today, pictures from the Rewind Tour stop in Charlotte, NC have been added to the gallery. Check those out below. Gloriana also stopped by to chat with the local radio station that day. To check out that interview, if you missed it yesterday, click here for that.

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Gloriana stopped by to chat with The New 103.7 before the Rewind Tour stop the other night in Charlotte, NC. They talked about boats, chest hair, and accidental grabs by Sheryl Crow. Doesn’t get any better than that. Click here or below to watch the short video.

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         It seems ‘Best Night Ever’ has officially ended it’s run at country radio. It went recurrent on Billboard last week and I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been making any updates on the subject over the past few weeks. While it was the best thing we could’ve gotten for Christmas last year, it couldn’t quite make it’s mark at radio. I don’t consider this a failure at all. It introduced the G-Team (the dedicated fan base) to a new Gloriana era! It filled the gap before the new album.

We have another ‘Wanna Take You Home’ scenario on our hands. WTYH peaked in the mid thirties before the band decided to release ‘(Kissed You) Good Night’ as a trio. That song gave them what they had been looking for. KYGN also had national attention with it being broadcasted on ABC’s channels, but I really think it would’ve done as well as it did regardless of that. So where am I going with this? I think the next single Gloriana releases before the album release later this year will do much better than BNE.

Personally, I think the band should go with something completely different in the form of ‘Trouble’, or maybe something completely up-tempo that we HAVEN’T heard. I can’t decide if BNE, or even ‘Can’t Shake You’ for that matter, were up-tempo or not. ‘Ain’t Runnin Outta Summer’ has that let-me-jam-in-the-car feel, and the mention of first kisses, but will it make sense come this winter? The back and forth formula worked for KYGN, but didn’t hit the mark as hard with the last two singles. Maybe it’s time for some sassy Rachel (we all know how I felt about Sunset Lovin’ not being released)!

From the new songs we have heard, which would YOU like to hear as Gloriana’s next single on country radio? More importantly, which song would you actually request? Take our poll below.


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Some great press pictures from the Virginia Beach Rewind Tour stop have been added to the gallery today. Make sure to check them out below. Don’t forget, you can donate your pics, as well, by clicking here!

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Gloriana stopped by KNIX while in Arizona to play them a few songs, including a new cover we haven’t heard here before (unless they’re playing it at their solo shows, in that case, some of you might have). Don’t you love how it’s been 5 or so years and they still look like they’re having fun? Check them all out below.

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Gloriana takes you behind-the-scenes on one of their days off while on the road. The best part about this video? We get an early listen to one of their new songs. For those of you who were at their CMA Fest party, you have already heard this one. Watch below!

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Thanks to Chelsea, some really great pictures (as usual) from Gloriana’s show at Freedom Festival in Pierz, MN last week have been added to the gallery today. Check them out below.

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With a 4.8 out of 5 rating, ‘A Thousand Miles Left Behind’ was a great album, and those who purchased it on Google Play thought no differently. In fact, for a limited time (date unknown), ATMLB is only $6.99 on the website. Click here or the image below to head over and buy the album if you over-played your physical copy to the point of no return, need a gift for a friend, or simply just want to support your favorite band.

GooglePlay Warner Music Sale!
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Gloriana has added two new tour dates for later this fall. The show in Iowa is with Love and Theft, who if you’re late to the party are good friends of the band. Make sure to click the links below to get more info (if available) and head on out to show them your support. Bring ALL your friends!

09/27 Luther College (w/ Love and Theft) – Decorah, IA
11/08 Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs – Wilkes-Barre, PA